First Floor Master Bedroom Floor Plans in Williamsburg VA

The first floor is where you’ll spend most of your waking hours at home. It’s where the kitchen, living room and dining area are, and even other areas like laundry rooms or home offices. Many homeowners also prefer their master bedroom on the first floor, for ease of mobility and quick access to the most-used rooms.

At Healthy Communities, we approach new home construction with a mind for how your home serves your lifestyle. That means building out the first floor to be a comfortable, welcoming place to spend your time—especially your master bedroom or master suite. Our Williamsburg, VA houses are known for their inspiring ground-floor designs and hallmark amenities.

Advantages of First Floor Masters

First-floor master bedrooms are traditional and many people prefer them because of the familiarity they bring to a floor plan. There are many other things to love about first-floor master suites too, including:

  • First-floor master suites are better for accessibility and mobility
  • First-floor masters can reduce energy costs by focusing HVAC on the first floor
  • First-floor suites are closer to main living areas for convenience
  • Ground-floor master suites enable more bedrooms or loft space upstairs

If you prefer to live closer to your home’s main amenities, a first-floor master suite is a wonderful choice. It opens up your floor plan to a world of possibilities!

Browse First Floor Master Bedroom Plans

Our focus on personalized home construction means you’re getting more than just the first-floor master suite you want—it also means a layout that conforms to your lifestyle. Take a look at some of our first-floor master suite floor plans to see for yourself:

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Build Your Ideal Home

Healthy Communities is committed to building the Williamsburg, VA home you’ve always wanted to live in, and the one you’ll appreciate for a lifetime to come. If your vision includes a first-floor master bedroom, we have a number of plans to accommodate. Browse the selection above or call us today at 757-592-4855 for more information.

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