Villas at Rocketts Landing in Williamsburg, VA

Healthy Communities is proud to introduce the Villas at Rocketts Landing: a community of 45 solar-powered homes, representing the pinnacle in efficiency-focused custom home building. This landmark initiative was our very first sustainable community and Virginia’s first solar community. Located just outside of Williamsburg, VA, it shows the capability of our builders to combine luxury design principles with sustainable, energy-efficient practices to create distinguished homes.

*There are no currently available homes for sale in this neighborhood. Please feel free to look at one of our similar communities: Walnut Farm and coming soon, Solara Woods!

  • Virginia’s First Solar Community

    The Villas at Rocketts Landing is the first single-family solar community in Virginia: a landmark achievement that we’re incredibly proud of. These homes are outfitted with efficiency at every level of the design-build process—from value engineered building materials, to strategically designed HVAC and plumbing systems, to solar panels and energy-efficient innovations to the home itself.

    We’ve reimagined the concept of efficiency in a home and produced dwellings that set the benchmark for every future solar home.

  • The Place Where Meters Run in Reverse!

    There’s a truly amazing phenomenon that occurs at the Villas at Rocketts Landing. Homeowners find their power meters running in reverse! It’s because our solar homes are so efficient, they generate enough power to sell back to the grid. That means energy bills as low as a dollar per month and in most cases, a net-zero energy cost altogether!

    The building innovations that go into these homes reduce the cost of living in them. Solar-generated power is enough to offset these costs, letting homeowners live comfortably without relying on traditional energy to do so.

An Achievement in Sustainability

Healthy Communities is incredibly proud to have made history with the Villas at Rocketts Landing. To learn more about this amazing solar community and the development hallmarks that make it so unique, please contact us today at (757) 328-6275.

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