Second Floor Master Bedroom Floor Plans in Williamsburg VA

Two story homes give you the ability to separate your space in a meaningful way. While the first floor is open and welcoming to guests, full of activity in the kitchen and living room, the second floor is quiet and private. It’s why many homeowners prefer their custom built homes to have a second floor master bedroom.

Healthy Communities recognizes the need for privacy, solace and comfort—especially when it comes to the master bedroom or master suite. Our Williamsburg, VA homes include two-story options with upper-floor bedroom accommodations, to give you the duality you want from your living experience.

Advantages of Second Floor Masters

Why choose a home floor plan with a second-floor master bedroom? Not only does it offer the privacy you expect from your main bedroom, it affords your floor plan numerous other advantages:

  • Second-floor masters allow for additional first-floor bedrooms
  • Second-floor masters eliminate “upstairs” noise that can affect first floor masters
  • Second-floor master suits can also be used as mother-in-law suites
  • Upstairs masters tend to offer better views and capture more natural light

Often, second-floor master suites are accompanied by a first-floor master bedroom that offers a great compromise. It’s great for housing guests or turning into a shared bedroom for kids.

Browse Second Floor Master Bedroom Plans

Interested in browsing floor plans featuring second-floor master bedrooms? Take a look at our selection and you’ll see how we set ourselves apart from other real estate developers in Williamsburg, VA.

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Build Your Ideal Home

Does a second-floor master bedroom layout appeal to you? Let Healthy Communities bring to life this living concept in a unique Williamsburg, VA that gives you privacy, comfort and peace. Browse our second-floor master bedroom plans above or give us a call at 757-592-4855 to discuss your building concepts.

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