Five Calming Color Options for Master Bathrooms

Whether you’re moving into a new home or just renovating your current space, picking paint colors is a big task. There are more shades and hues available now than ever before, and the choices can be overwhelming. Different rooms usually call for different types of color schemes, and choosing some top color options for master bathrooms in Williamsburg, VA can really go a long way toward making yours into a welcoming and comfortable space:

  • Taupe: While this might seem like a traditional and somewhat stale choice, taupe remains one of the most relaxing color schemes for a master bathroom in Williamsburg, VA. It provides a degree of warmth while still keeping a neutral feel that makes it well suited for any number of towel, rug or fixture color options.
  • Soft gray: Soft gray offers the same type of neutrality that taupe does, but it’s a bit cooler and provides more of an edge. It recalls concrete or granite while still keeping a warm feel to it, so it’s a very versatile color that works for many bathrooms. You can go in several directions with it, too—you can choose bursts of color with items like hand towels, or you can just opt for neutral accents around the room.
  • Bright white: This is a classical color option for master bathrooms in Williamsburg, VA that is experiencing a resurgence in response to the brighter colors that are gaining popularity. A great way to add some interest to this scheme is to introduce patterns and textures that will break up the look—think different-shaped tiles in the shower or on the floor, for example. The choices are endless when you have a clean white slate to work with.
  • Light green: Green’s biggest strength is that it makes people think of the outdoors, reminding them of sunshine, trees and grass. Bringing a bit of nature into your bathroom is a great way to introduce a calming influence, and it will mix very well with other earthy tones like brown or sand. There are a lot of colors within the light green world, of course, so you’ll have to experiment and see if mint or dusty jade or anything in between will be more up your alley.
  • Cerulean blue: Imagine the color of the ocean you see in pictures of tropical sandy beaches, and you’re probably close to picturing cerulean blue. This is a very bold choice that some people might not have the stomach to attempt, but those who do are rewarded with a wonderful shade for a family bathroom. It’s a great choice for a summer cottage as well, and it can easily be paired with whites to give you a timeless nautical look.

The color options for master bathrooms in Williamsburg, VA go far beyond the ones outlined here, but these can give you a great starting point to begin your exploration. While color schemes can seem very particular, we take these types of decisions as seriously as our customers do. Our team at Healthy Communities doesn’t just think of ourselves as builders—we believe we understand the principles of design that create healthy and calming spaces, and we are eager to share this knowledge with our clients. Reach out today to learn more or schedule a consultation.

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