Norge Area’s Walnut Farm: Virginia’s First Zero Energy Ready Home Community

What’s the latest trend in real estate? While some may focus on current kitchen styles or best practices for curb appeal, others are looking to make homes more sustainable. It’s quite possible that the future of homeownership and home building is in zero energy homes.

These properties are built with intentionality to reduce their carbon footprint, improve energy efficiency and create healthier neighborhoods that protect rather than hurt the environment. Jay Epstein, president of Healthy Communities, is spearheading zero energy home building efforts in the Norge area.

Walnut Farm features zero energy homes

Epstein’s latest project, Walnut Farm, is Virginia’s premier new home community that features zero energy ready properties. As the first of its kind in the state, the community features several sustainable solutions that are appealing to home buyers.

Epstein ensures the homes are built to surpass typical standards. Air filtration exceeds normal values. The structures are built to feature solar panels on the roof if the homeowner chooses this option. The buildings also feature high-quality insulation that exceeds normal standards as well as high-efficiency windows and recirculating hot water pumps. Plus, the advanced construction design requires less lumber than other homes.

The result? Homeowners enjoy single-digit power bills. There are some months when the homes produce more power than they use, earning their title of zero energy homes. The unique features have cut the carbon footprint of these homes in half compared to standard homes.

A warm reception

The zero energy homes concept was readily welcomed in the county. James City County’s Department of Community Development has had a long-term focus on environmental concerns. Officials are supportive of the plan and have made it a priority to support environmental preservation efforts, like this one, that propose healthy solutions for sustainability.

A sustainable future

Epstein has planned for construction of 75 zero energy homes in the new community. Thirty of these lots have already sold. Ranging from 1,500 to 2,800 square feet, the homes are priced from $359,000 to $600,000. Home buyers who have heard about the project are excited about the potential of this type of community to not only provide efficient living but also allow them the opportunity to give back and help create a more sustainable future for all.

Epstein has lived near Williamsburg for nearly 30 years, and is pleased with how the project is going thus far. He also plans to bring additional green homes to the area. Future projects include Solar Woods in Toano, which is a unique solar-powered community concept. He hopes to continue to enlighten people about the environmentally-friendly options available for home building and take construction in a new, sustainable direction.

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Ready to find out more about zero energy homes and how you can own a sustainable property? Contact Healthy Communities for the latest availability and future developments. Our homes are engineered to utilize green energy products and achieve maximum efficiency. Together, we can create a tailored design that provides an extraordinary living experience. Give us a call to get started today.

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