Wallbox – Plug Your EV Car in to Run Your Home

Power outages can be frightening events, for certain. That’s why it is important to have the necessary tools on hand. That’s where the new Quasar 2 charger from Wallbox comes into play. This Bi-directional DC Charge serves as a Home EV Charging Station, allowing the user to remain plugged in at all times. Power outages are a snap, as energy is pulled from the owner’s car and used to power the home during times of distress.

It can be hard to keep loved ones safe during blackouts, which is a common fear for many homeowners. Thanks to the help of a Bi-directional DC Charger/Home EV Charging Station, these issues are finally a thing of the past. There are all sorts of advantages to be enjoyed as well, including:

Increased Power

These chargers come with 11.5kW, allowing much faster EV charging and discharging.

Far More Compact Than Other Options

The last thing that anyone needs is a charging option that is not compact enough. Bulkier chargers can often take up too much space and cause all sorts of unintended difficulties. This lightweight design is easy to install and fits all lifestyles with ease.

Added Versatility

Whether the EV is needed to power the home on a daily basis or simply function as the backup source of power during outages, the Quasar 2 offers the necessary versatility.

Blackout Mode

For those looking to utilize this charging option during blackouts, the blackout mode is an especially crucial feature. Even if the home no longer has power because of a natural disaster, the Quasar 2 will handle the problem quickly. The transition from a typical power source to vehicle energy is made seamless.

Saving Money on Energy Bills

Thanks to the vehicle-to-home functionality that this product offers, it has never been easier for a homeowner to save on their electricity costs. The process is made simple by taking the time to charge a vehicle during off-peak hours. From there, simply use the energy that has been generated to power the home during peak hours. By reducing grid dependency, energy costs are lowered significantly.

Increased Discounts

There are other financial benefits to be enjoyed as well. Vehicle-to-grid functionality is very helpful in this way. Participating utility partners can assist homeowners when it comes time to send energy from their vehicle back to the grid, adding to the number of discounts that are received.

This is one of the best charging solutions currently available to any homeowner looking to make the most out of their current situation. Power outages do not provide any common courtesy, and they can happen at a moment’s notice. That’s why it is important to remain prepared at all times.

With the Quasar 2, all these issues are finally placed in the proverbial rearview mirror. All a homeowner needs to do is utilize the same energy that is currently powering their vehicle in the proper manner, and the rest takes care of itself!

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