Popular Styles of New Home Construction 2022

Home design is always changing. Every few years, you will see new trends that will really define a decade. So far, 2022 has been an exciting year in home design, with new trends sure to set the stage for the era. The theme has undoubtedly been creative expression, a reflection of the individual, and freedom of design.

If you are working with a custom home builder to create your dream house, this quick guide will help you better understand some home design trends in 2022. If you are planning custom home designs, hopefully, this can help you nail down your own home design ideas or get inspiration for fresh new ideas.


After several decades of angles, curves are taking center stage in home design trends. This translates into arched openings, curving walls, and barrel-vaulted ceilings. Even exteriors can benefit from this innovation with arched windows and porch ceilings. The curves don’t stop there, though. Expect to see the curves continuing into furniture designs and other types of home furnishings.

Black Is Back

Black has often been avoided in home design and interior decorating, but that is no longer the case. Today, black is making a comeback as an accent color. The rule of thumb here is to not overdo. Subtle insinuations such as black window frames make a great design statement without being overwhelming. Black doors are also becoming popular, especially when highly contrasted against white.

Nature Indoors

The mental health benefits of exposure to nature are becoming better understood, so this is also reflected in home design. People are craving nature indoors. Think biophilic design. This type of design brings nature inside with lots of sunlight, plants, and natural elements. This can be achieved with big, wide windows and by incorporating organic materials that reflect the area the home is built in.

Exquisite Outdoor Living

Creating an exquisite outdoor living space makes time spent at home far more enjoyable. People want an oasis in their backyard. Covered porches with outdoor kitchens and even entertainment areas that feature TV and stereo are what people are after post-pandemic. Going out takes on a whole new meaning when the best spot in town is right outside your back door.

Away With White Kitchens

Ultra white kitchens are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Although white on white was a very popular trend to keep kitchens feeling big, fresh, and clean, today, the trend is shifting. Homeowners are experimenting with more colors and colored materials in the kitchen.

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