1 Custom Home Idea You Didn’t Know You Needed

Homes today offer more styles, designs, and features than ever before. Nowhere is that more obvious than in custom-built homes. Of all the interesting, creative, and unique design ideas, however, one is something that every custom-built home can use. Hidden room ideas for our remodel or custom homes are a feature that many people overlook.

If you are wondering, do people still build hidden rooms into their homes or remodels, the answer is yes – but you would never know. Well, that is the idea of hidden rooms, after all, because if they are hidden…

The Benefits of Hidden Rooms

Have you ever needed a break from work, the world, the noise, and everyone? What if you had a quiet room hidden away within your home, yet stocked with all your creature comforts? Yes, a study, a hideaway, or even just a private refuge. Hidden rooms offer the quiet and peace you want when you want it.

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Another practical use for a hidden room is the use as a safety or emergency hideaway. Have a break-in? Need a place to take shelter? A hidden room can be a great emergency hideaway if the need ever arises. Also, hidden rooms can be an excellent place to keep your safe, store your valuables, and hide important paperwork.

These are only a few uses and reasons you might choose to build a hidden room in your renovation or new custom home build plans. Regardless of how you choose to use hidden rooms, they can serve many purposes and may be the best custom home idea you didn’t know you needed.

Hidden Room Options

Hidden rooms can also be built virtually anywhere inside your home. They can be added as an extended room off of the main room or a bedroom or hidden in the wall beneath the staircase. Where you can build your hidden room is only limited by your imagination and the skills and abilities of your contractor.

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