Most Popular Energy-Efficient Home Features

Energy-efficient homes are significantly growing in popularity. An energy-efficient home can help you save on your monthly energy bill, increase indoor comfort, and positively impact the environment. By not needlessly wasting heat, water, cold air, and electricity, we can help combat global warming and preserve our planet. Moreover, there are federal tax credits for certain energy-efficient construction designs! However, it can be challenging to build an energy-efficient home. Read along to learn what makes a house energy efficient. 

Energy-Efficient Lighting

It’s time to switch from fluorescent or incandescent lights to LED lights due to their massive impact on your energy bill. Unfortunately, there is no way to reduce the use of lights. The only way to reduce energy bills is to remove the traditional lights and install LED lights. The LED lights are energy efficient and spread light in a better way. However, you must first study your home lighting needs and install the best types of lights. 

Cool Roof

A cool roof helps protect your home against solar heat gain and keeps the attic space, and upper levels cool during the hot summer months. Asphalt shingles are made of high thermal mass materials that absorb heat and translate it to the home interior. 

Cool roofs are made with low thermal mass materials like slate, ceramic, or clay shingles coated with reflective layers reflecting sunlight. Consider an environmentally friendly option — a green roof. They can be designed as elaborate gardens or made with simple turf covers. However, the basic idea is to help keep your house cool and absorb stormwater runoff. 

Energy-Efficient Appliances

So, what does a home need to be eco-friendly? An eco-friendly home uses energy-efficient appliances. Unfortunately, energy-saving appliances like lights, fans, televisions, air conditioners, etc., cost more than ordinary appliances. But the extra initial cost is sorted out by savings in energy bills. These appliances help save on energy and make your home a better place to live in. 

Solar Features

Solar panels help increase your home’s energy conservation. However, ensure your roof is directly exposed to sunlight before installing a solar panel. Solar energy can help power your home’s energy needs, like lighting, heating and cooling systems, hot water, and appliances. You can also sell the excess energy back to the main grid if you generate more energy than you can consume. 

Green Building 

Technology advancement provides new, innovative, energy-efficient options in construction, appliances, lighting, etc. However, the market already offers options for designing and building green custom homes suitable for the Virginia climate. From doors and windows to low-flow faucets and toilets, an eco-friendly-conscious builder can help build a home that uses energy cost-effectively and sparingly. 

Contact Healthy Communities VA for Energy-Efficient House Building 

Solar and green homes are growing in popularity. You can have a home with energy-efficient home features, clean, breathable air, and all the amenities and features you want. Trust Healthy Communities in the Williamsburg and Richmond, VA, area for reliable, eco-friendly solutions that fit your needs. Contact us to learn what does a home need to be eco friendly and to begin your home transformation journey.

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