June 29, 2021


"We purchased our home in Walnut Farm on Labor Day, 2020 and went to closing on November 19th. Our move from South Carolina was intentionally slow but we finally made our final trip on May 26th to become permanent residents of Hitchens Lane in Walnut Farm. Our purchase and move went exceptionally well. We worked with both Morgan and Jay to complete the purchase. When we purchased our home it was not yet completed so we were able to make a few modifications. (Try that with other builders and they will either laugh at you or ask for thousands of dollars for a change order) In one conversation, I suggested to Jay that they did not need two doors leading into the master bedroom closet because it made placing the furniture a little difficult. The next day he called me said he agreed with me about the door and was going to take one of the closet doors out for us. Another items was crown molding. We told him we liked crown molding and Jay and I walked the house and talked/priced the additional crown molding. First of all, I was surprised with how reasonable the cost was going to be for us and secondly the next time we came to see the house there was crown molding in places Jay and I had not discussed and I was simply told that once they started they thought more crown molding would look better. These are not typical builders. As for the quality of the construction well, just look at the award they received last year. From selling real estate in South Carolina for the past 11 years and working with builders on dozens of new construction, none of them even come close to the quality of our home in Walnut Farm. The energy efficiency of these homes is incredible. We have the solar panels and are looking forward to enjoying a nice cool home this summer without breaking the bank. If you are looking for quality and energy efficiency at an affordable price please come to Walnut for a visit and stay for a lifetime. The people we are meeting in this community are all nice and my wife and a couple other ladies are already talking about our first community gathering."