Benefits of New Construction

Old houses have a lot of character, but with that character often come higher operating costs and an increased strain on the environment. New construction might be more expensive at the outset, but it often comes with more efficient, greener energy and construction benefits.

If you’re searching for a new home or dreaming of the day you can hire home building contractors in Williamsburg, VA to build your custom home, your dreams might not be as out of reach as you might think. Affordable, high-quality new green construction is available—and here’s why buying a new home is a better choice in the long run:

  • Green construction: In this day and age, it’s hard to ignore the importance of lowering our carbon footprint whenever possible. Climate change is happening before our very eyes, and utility costs are more expensive than ever. Buying a home with sustainable construction and amenities is a great way to ensure that you’re lowering the environmental burden—and saving on energy costs over the long term.
  • Move-in ready: When you buy a pre-owned home, there are numerous hoops to jump through. From inspections to appraisals, it’s a long, paperwork-laden process that might not even guarantee that your home is move-in ready at closing. When you get a new home, however, you won’t need to wait for the seller to make repairs or get their stuff out so you can move yours in. You’re also guaranteed to have brand-new, completely functional appliances like a dishwasher, refrigerator, stove, washing machine and more.
  • Low maintenance costs: Building codes have changed a lot over the last century, to everyone’s benefit. Not only are new homes engineered to be environmentally friendly, but you’ll have the benefit of the latest advances in heating, air conditioning and plumbing. This all but guarantees you won’t have to spend money on major repairs for years to come.
  • New home warranty: Speaking of out-of-pocket costs, a new home comes with a warranty—if anything goes wrong with the construction during the warranty period, it won’t come out of your paycheck. Pre-owned homes are rarely sold with the original warranty still attached, meaning you could be on the hook for expensive repairs that pop up.
  • Custom-designed features: From the appliances to the countertops, you’ll have a range of options to choose from when buying new construction. This guarantees that you won’t be stuck with a previous owner’s idea of what’s attractive—it’s a blank slate for you to design to your liking.
  • Modern layout: Historical homes are often beautiful and charming, but they were designed for life in a much different time, often using guidelines and considerations that are no longer useful in the 21st New construction is designed for modern lifestyles, whether that’s an open floor plan or ability to age in place.
  • Newer communities and amenities: Finally, when you buy a newly constructed home, you may even have access to newer community amenities, like pools, clubhouses and more.

Interested in working with green home building contractors in Williamsburg, VA? Reach out to the team at Healthy Communities today.

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