Benefits of an All-Electric Home VS Natural Gas

Modern homes rely heavily on technology. Unfortunately, the growing need for energy and the use of non-renewable sources is increasingly damaging our planet more than ever before. Scientists have been at the forefront to combat this, pushing and encouraging people to go for green energy home builders whose focus is on 100 percent renewable energy. The decline in coal-powered electricity means electrifying our homes may be the best option. So why should you use electric appliances instead of natural gas-powered appliances? In this article, we will highlight the benefits of an all-electric home so you can make a more informed choice.

Electric Appliances Are Safer than Gas Appliances

Gas appliances have flames which increase the risk of fire. Natural gas also produces nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide in the atmosphere, resulting from burning gas in your home. Gas leaks can harm your health and safety, especially if your home is poorly ventilated. Carbon monoxide is known to be a “silent killer” due to its lack of odor and color. Studies have also found that continuous exposure to gas cooking increases the risk of asthma in children.

Electricity Is Much Cheaper than Natural Gas

You will pay more if most of your home appliances use natural gas instead of electricity. For instance, a home using air conditioning systems that run on gas is likely to have a higher power consumption than a home using electric air conditioning systems. With the advancement of technology, more people can now afford modern electric appliances for various uses at home. The fact that electricity is produced from renewable sources such as hydroelectric and wind makes it a cheaper option than gas, which is a non-renewable source of fuel.

Electricity Is More Energy Efficient Than Natural Gas

Electronic devices and appliances are more efficient, clean, and easy to use than their gas-powered counterparts. For most electric appliances, electronics, and other electronic devices, you simply need to plug them into an electric socket, and you’re ready to start. On the other hand, natural gas appliances may require multiple connections, making them cumbersome to work with. Appliances that use gas can be extremely noisy when in operation than those that use electricity.

More Appliances Use Electricity Than Natural Gas

It is a well-known fact that manufacturers are focusing on creating products that use electricity instead of gas fuel. Whether you need to cook, wash clothes or dishes, iron, take a shower, vacuum a carpet, or just cool or heat your home, you can find multiple varieties of these appliances to choose from. Electric appliances have also made life more manageable due to their safety and efficiency. For instance, you can carry and use your electric grill from anywhere in the world as long as there is electricity. On the other hand, natural gas appliances have to come with an extra gas tank to work.

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