The Benefits of Buying a New Home vs Resale

Whether you are shopping for your first home or your tenth, there are so many variables to consider. From affordability to condominium versus townhome, to the one that we’ll be spending today discussing — new construction versus resale — there is no shortage of options available. When it comes to new construction, you can expect to walk in after signing the closing documents and not have to do any repairs, construction, or maintenance. Keep reading to learn why custom built homes offer a distinct advantage over older properties. 

1. Brand New: Unlike a used home where you don’t know who lived there before or how they treated it, with a new construction house, you’ll be the first to park a car in the garage, the first to use the oven, and the first to spill on the carpets. Plus, you don’t have to worry about what might fail next because everything is brand new, and most reputable builders include a warranty when you purchase the home. 

2. Green Living: New construction homes are built to the highest environmental standards and are sure to at least meet Energy Star and WaterSense standards. Not only will a new construction save you money on utilities because of the green features, but you’ll also be hard-pressed to find a resale home that has any environmental industry certifications because they were built in an era when green living was not a priority. 

3. Mortgage Benefits: Many builders have preferred relationships with mortgage lenders that can help you save money at closing. Custom-financing is frequent whereby the builder and lender agree to specific contractual changes that make it easier and more flexible to buy a new build than a resale home. 

4. Designed the Way You Like: With a new construction home, you’ll have a choice in every detail and feature that is added, from the tile in the bathroom to the granite in the kitchen to the size of the front door. Consequently, you’ll be able to design a house from top to bottom that fits your dream and within a budget that you can afford. 

5. Features Galore: The majority of custom built homes today will include the latest smart home and safety technology that buyers want in the event of future resale and offers peace of mind for protecting your family. Be sure to check with your specific builder about what features are included with the purchase.

If you are looking for a new construction home in the Williamsburg, VA area, give Healthy Communities an opportunity to earn your business. As a zero energy home builder, each of our custom built homes is designed with Green living at the forefront. For more information, give us a call today.  


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