How Social Distancing Is Changing New Home Demands

At the moment, the United States is gripped in unprecedented circumstances. Due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, Americans from coast to coast are being forced to rethink the way they live their lives. This extends far beyond keeping a safe distance from neighbors and wearing a mask when running errands. The effects of social distancing on the construction of new homes in Williamsburg, VA will have far-reaching impacts on approaches to building and remodeling for years to come.

Here are some of the possible long-term changes that could impact how you build your new home.

Things will take longer

For the moment—and likely for the next several months, at the very least—the slowdown of transportation and production of building materials has led to a shortage in some parts of the country. That means your builder could need a larger window of time to build the home you’ve always wanted. As a result, it would be a good idea for those planning to create a new home to be a little more patient through at least the end of 2020.

Bigger lot sizes

The effects of social distancing on homes in Williamsburg, VA has led to one change that isn’t likely to fade into the background any time soon. Since the onset of social distancing measures, some homeowners have discovered that they like having some extra space. Others are planning for the eventuality of another pandemic. Either way, both sets of homeowners are looking for a property that will allow them space to breathe.

State-of-the-art bathrooms

The outbreak of COVID-19 has forced many Americans to reconsider their hygiene from top to bottom. As a result, homeowners who are redesigning a bathroom (or building one from scratch), are requesting hands-free options at a staggering rate. Orders of new bidets are skyrocketing as owners begin to see these additions as more a necessity than a luxury.

Package delivery zones

Let’s be honest here—online delivery is here to stay. As more and more people order packages from outlets like Amazon, they are becoming aware of the potential for disruption. As a result, modern homeowners are designing spaces that are intended to be accessible to delivery personnel and off limits to potential thieves. These package delivery zones may also include garbage and recycling bins to facilitate easy unpacking before the items are brought into the home.

The healthy home of your dreams

At Healthy Communities, we’re studying home upgrades that promote health and safety in Williamsburg, VA so we can deliver innovative solutions that meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We’re proud to be a modern builder with an eye on efficient, environmentally-friendly practices. Since we opened in 1978, we have remained committed to the philosophy that new homes should support, enhance and enrich every aspect of your life. That’s our promise to you.

When you need a Virginia-based builder that offers unparalleled customer service and skill, reach out to the experts at Healthy Communities. Pick up the phone and give us a call today to find out more!

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